What made you want to pursue competing in video games?

I wanted to compete tournaments because I wanted my friends and I to experience what the competitive scene was like. I’ve always loved watching the pro players like TSM ImperialHal, Faze Snip3down, Verhulst, Mande, and Genburten compete live on stream for millions of dollars in ALGS. At the time, I would only solo queue pubs and never played ranked. After the three Full Combo Esports Kill Race tournaments that I participated in, I started to play more ranked. I wanted to increase my skill level by improving on my comms, aim, and map awareness.

What does being a competitor mean to you?

Being a competitor means putting my best effort against other players who have the same love and dedication that I have for Apex. I’m thankful for the opportunity to compete in these tournaments because I got to connect with new players like SquarebodyMatt and MayhemMero. It’s also being able to promote and share my name out there in the gaming scene.

What do you think of the Full Combo apex events so far?

I had SO much fun competing in the remote kill race tournaments with Ricky (C3P Ohhh), Kay (freedomguy005), and Ari (Young_Simba559). Even though we didn’t win, we did top in some of the tournaments. I’ll never forget squad wiping a team on drop with just an Alternator with no attachments on Olympus. The first dub that I captured on stream was very special for us and it’s something I’m never gonna forget. I hope we get to see more Apex tournaments in the future!