What does being a competitor mean to you?

Not sure if you mean definition-wise or more philosophical wise, but for me competing is about finding what gives you satisfaction when going head to head in a sport. Whether it's just doing cool stuff, trying to really learn and understand things, or even pushing your knowledge and ability further to be truly top level, a competitor finds it and goes for it.

What does the FGC mean to you?

The FGC is one of the most tangible examples you'll get of how surprisingly and incredibly social a "nerdy" hobby like fighting games can be. How information is shared, how people go to locals simply just to socialize...Even the most antisocial of people experience some aspect of it all. It's a 'community' in the truest sense.

What do you think of the Full Combo Events so far?

Through the ups and downs of FGC activity in the Central Valley, I still consider Full Combo to be one of the primary pillars for high quality events in Cali. The events have all been a blast, ran excellently by chill people.

What made you want to organize tournaments?

At first, it stemmed mainly from wanting to lend a helping hand at locals. Over time, I wanted to do what I could to bring events in general to our scene (and other surrounding areas too) when there was a scarcity for them. (Can't deny it was also out of necessity when my favorite games weren't really getting events)