Apex Legends Tournament
  • Saturday, September 24th, 1PM PT
  • $500 Prize Pool
  • FREE to compete!
  • Spectators free and welcomed!
  • Trios tournament: duos still welcome (must be 21+ to compete)
  • Stones Gambling Hall: 6510 Antelope Rd, Citrus Heights, CA 95621
Check out Full Combo:

We're BACK with Apex! Join Full Combo foor FREE on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 24th at 1PM for our next Leaderboard-style tournament at Stones Gambling Hall in Sacramento, CA! Squad up with your friends and climb your way to the top of our leaderboard-style elimination format for the chance at bragging rights and the $500 prize pool!

Apex Trios Tournament- all players must be 21+ to compete due to the nature of the venue.


  • $500 cash prize pool
  • 1st Place Team:  $92 per teammate
  • 2nd Place Team: $50 per teammate
  • 3rd Place Team : $25 per teammate


  • FREE to enter and compete!
  • Spectators welcomed and free!


  • Doors Open at 11:30am
  • Check-in/Registration Ends at 12:45pm
  • Intro & rules/format info at 1:15PM
  • Matches begin at 1:30pm


Your team will drop into public trio lobbies to rack up as many kills and top placements as possible.

The tournament will be played across multiple rounds and sections, where each team tries to build up as many points as possible to qualify for the Top Ten and Top Four.

At the start of the Top Ten and Top Four sections of the event, points for the remaining teams will be reset.


Each round, teams will play 1 (one) game of Apex Legends to gain points from kills and final placement in that game.

The points earned from final placement in a game are:

1st Place: 15 Points

2nd Place: 12 Points

3rd-4th Place: 10 Points

5th-6th Place: 8 Points

7th-8th Place: 6 Points

9th Place: 5 Points

10th-12th Place: 4 Points

13th-15th Place: 2 Points

16th-20th Place: 0 Points

KILLS are worth 1.5 points each.

Points carry over across all rounds in each section, and your leaderboard position is determined from your total points. Points do not carry over between sections.


At the end of each round, 25% of the teams below the Top Ten are eliminated from the bottom of the scoreboard.

At the end of the fourth round, all non-Top Ten teams will be eliminated to determine the Top Ten.


All points reset except Total Kills. Every second round, the bottom 3 teams are eliminated from the Top Ten. This will continue to determine TOP FOUR.


All points reset except Total Kills.Two more rounds are played by each team to determine 1st/2nd.


Players will show their score to one of Full Combo’s staff in the event area at the end of their match. This is either the post-game score results screen after the match, or the "previous game results" screen for each individual player if you have backed out to the lobby.

Scores and placement on the leaderboards through the day will be publicly viewable online and in the event area.


Total Kills over the day, then placement from most recently played round. If still a tie, go back further one round until a tie no longer occurs.


Duos will still play in trios lobbies, but randomly fill their squid. Duos will be at a disadvantage in that their random 3rd player's kills will not count toward their squad's total kill count.


All games will be played on Xbox Series X consoles on Full Combo's accounts. Headsets not provided. Players may bring other accessories from home, such as controllers, headsets, KontrolFreeks, audio mixamps, etc, for use in their matches.


We will provide Brooks brand controller converters for anyone who prefers to use their home-brought PS4/PS5 controller for this competition. Converters are the only current method of utilizing PS4 controllers with X1 consoles. Controller functionality varies based on controller model.

*Details Subject to change*

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