Apex Legends Tournament (Private Lobby)
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Full Combo is back with another PRIVATE LOBBY Apex Legends Trios event! Sign up and play for absolutely free on WEDNESDAY, DEC 15th at 6pm PT for a slice of $120 in prizes!

  • Wednesday, December 15th: 6pm PT (est. 4hr run time)
  • 40 Team Cap (2 Groups of 20 teams )
  • $120 in Prizing (Top 2 Teams Paid)
  • REGION FREE, open to players worldwide
  • Each group plays 2 games, scores recorded after each round (Top 10 teams move to finals)
  • Qualifier Rounds: Group A will play 2 games, then Group B
  • Finals will be 3 rounds; scores reset from group stage.
  • Maps each round TBA in advance
  • Signups close 1 hour prior to tournament


IF 20 OR FEWER TEAMS: Teams will play 5 private lobby games, receiving scores for performance in each.

Teams will be assigned to either “Group A” or “Group B” on the day of the event; each group will consist of 20 teams, or 50% of the total registered teams. TEAM CAPTAINS, please keep an eye in Discord for a notification that your Private Lobby code for your Group is available!

Teams in Group A will play 2 games in Full Combo’s private lobby, followed by teams in Group B playing 2 games. Ten teams from each Group will qualify to play in the Finals based upon kills and placement in their 2 games.

Finals will consist of 3 more private lobby games to determine overall final placement. Points earned in Group qualifier games do not count towards overall placement in Finals, however will be used for Tiebreaker purposes.


Kills: 1 Point Each | Finish Placements: 1st: 10 Points | 2nd-3rd: 8 Points | 4th-6th: 6 Points | 7th-8th: 4 Points | 9th-10th: 2 Point | 11th+: 0 Points


Groups: Total Kills, then Most Individual Kills by Single Team Member

Finals: Total Points from Group Matches, then Total Kills in Finals, then Most Individual Kills by Team Member


$120 Prize Pool (Flat Amount)

1st Place: $30/Player ($90 Total)

2nd Place: $10/Player ($30 Total)

Prizing Distributed via Paypal within 24 hours of end of tournament

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/3JSabE5

Twitch: www.twitch.tv/fullcomboesports


Full Combo’s tournament staff will respond to any issues that may occur as they arise. Any rulings or directives from a Full Combo staff member should be considered final, including those involving alleged cheating/hacking. Harassing a Full Combo staff member or refusing to follow Full Combo staff directions may result in being barred from participating in future events.


All glitches or use of external game-modifying software or equipment are prohibited; if you are caught abusing a glitch, or if there is suspicion of unfair play, you will either be automatically disqualified from prize eligibility, or given a warning, depending on whether the occurrence was deemed intentional. All instances will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Repeat suspicious activity may result in being barred from participating in future events.

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