Guilty Gear Strive CrossPlay Tournament
  • Thursday, January 26th @ 4pm PT
  • PSN and PC, North America Only
  • Free-to-Enter
  • Matcherino Prize Pool, Top 3 Paid
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Full Combo Fights returns to Online FGC events with ourfirst Guilty Gear Strive cross play tournament for PC & PSN! Enter and playfor absolutely FREE for your shot to win a piece of our Matcherino Prize Pool!

 Matcherino contributions are accepted for this event. Allcontributions are added on to the pot for the event and get paid directly toour TOP 3.

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  - Thursday, January26th @ 4pm PT

- PSN and PC, NorthAmerica Only

- Free-to-Enter

- Matcherino PrizePool, Top 3 Paid

- Sign-ups Close3:00pm Day of the Event


- Double EliminationBracket

- All Matches areBest of 5 Games (FT3)

- All Games are Firstto 2 Rounds

- Loser may switchcharacter(s) between games; Winner is locked

- Handicaps/Timersset to Default

- LAN ConnectionRequired (i.e. wired connection)


- Matcherino PrizePool

- 1st Place - 60%

- 2nd Place - 30%

- 3rd Place - 10%

- Prizes distributedelectronically via Matcherino within 24 hours of end of the event


- Players will bemanually seeded to best of Tournament Staff's ability and knowledge ofcompetitor skill

- Seeds to be madepublic at earliest convenience prior to tournament.


- Discord requiredfor communication with event staff and competitors during event

- Discord Link:

- Select matches willbe streamed LIVE at

- for future events and more information

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