What made you want to pursue competing in video games?

I’ve always been a very competitive person since I was a young kid. I started playing against students in the dorms at Fresno state. That eventually guided me to a local barbershop tournament. I met some local talent at that tournament. Then I was introduced to the mainstream tournaments. I ran into the right group of madden players in Fresno.

What does being a competitor mean to you??

Being a Madden competitor excites me. Especially when I go to live events. I can see peoples personalities and skills. I love the atmosphere in live tournaments. Especially when you travel around the country. You meet many new people in the madden community.

What do you think of the Full Combo Madden events so far?

I think Full Combo is doing a great job throwing local tournaments. The gaming community is expanding and as long as Full Combo throws tournaments it should expand as well.