Paul Z.

What does being a competitor mean to you?

Being a competitor means a person has the interest and the drive to improve in a craft.  This person enjoys the activity so much that s/he continuously thinks about how to improve, and wants to win against others.  Win/loss records do not determine whether a person is a competitor, the mentality and the dedication do.

What does the FGC mean to you?

"Community" is the most important word in "Fighting Game Community."  We come from different places, but we all share a passion for a similar hobby.  Fighting games need other people to be enjoyable.  We support each other, both in gaming and in general life.

What did you think of Full Combo's Triple-Header Event?

Full Combo's Triple Header Event ran very smoothly.  The tournament organizers showed a lot of competence and a lot of heart.  They put the players first.  I would attend other Full Combo events anytime.