What does being a competitor mean to you?

Being a competitor means giving myself a chance to challenge myself. Not so much focused on the other people I’m competing against but a challenge to see how far I can push my skill and knowledge in the game to handle any situations thrown at me. A way for me to grow and gain confidence in everything else I do.

What does the FGC mean to you?

The FGC means community to me. I love helping and teaching other people the game and just finding others who love Tekken like I do. Growing up none of my friends were really into it, only my dad and cousin and as I got older it was like I was the only one still hooked on the game. So to find others like me has been great and pushes me to practice even more.

What did you think of the FCF Tekken Event?

I thought the event was really dope. It ran smoothly and the commentary was great. Iambic I’ve seen a couple times and she’s always great. Being on the weekend as opposed to during the week was also a plus for me due to work and I’m very much looking forward to the next one and what you guys have in store.