What does being a competitor mean to you?

For me, being an FGC competitor means you must showcase high level play in your own style. Analyzing and adapting to your opponents style is a requirement. I find so much joy in this, it’s crazy.

What does the FGC mean to you?

Like many, I was at home much more during the start of Covid. During that stretch, I was able to play with my FGC friends more and grow as a competitor. I’m actually cold asf now. The FGC and my friends helped me through a rough time. I’m thankful for that and grateful for such a community. The im cold asf can be disregarded but it’s true. And I don’t use META characters!

What did you think of the FCF DBFZ Event?

FCE has an awesome team! They are extremely professional and make newcomers feel welcomed. All of the players appreciate their team and hope to see them grow.