The Phantomnaut

What does being a competitor mean to you?

Winning and losing is one thing but if you are not giving your all when it matters, then are you really competing?

What does THE FGC mean to you?

Even if I play different fighting games, I find commonality in the community and they do the same. I might even find something new to play.

What do you think of the Full Combo Fights events so far?

While technology such as rollback netcode made the at home online experience close to playing someone next to you, it's not the real deal. Much like going to a live show, playing fighting games locally against others feels special. For the FCF events reaching out in a state where it's less common to find offline events post-pandemic, it's awesome to see them take the mantle. Hopefully this becomes a situation where the tide increases for not only Full Combo Esports to rise but also for everyone else.