What makes you want to compete in tournaments?

I love to compete in tournaments because it builds a stronger bond between me and my teammates because my teammates are my brothers so this just creates a whole new bond and competitive side to me and them as well.

What does being a competitor mean to you?

Being a competitor to me means meeting very good players/teams such as myself and the players I play with because we all have that same mindset to win and to test our skills in the competitive side apex has to offer and to have a great time whilst doing that as well.

What do you think of Full Combo's Apex Tournaments?

I was told about Full Combo Esports and I was intrigued by the name alone and then I checked out there Instagram and said to myself and my team that we should try one of their tournaments and see how it goes. After our first tournament we were so happy to be a part of something so professionally organized and stress free for the competitors so we as the competitors just had to focus on slaying the lobby and having fun whilst doing that. Full Combo Esports is a great way to start off in the competitive field of apex with no stress at all they are great at what they do and we all love it.