Tranquility Gaming

What makes you want to compete in tournaments?

I started competing in tournaments in the middle of last year. First it was to see if I had the skills to be at that level then it become for the thrill of the competition, playing public lobbies all day you forget about real serious players.

What does being a competitor mean to you?

I always describe being a competitor with three words Dedication, Focus and Respect. Dedication to always work to better your skills. Focus on the team, we win an die as a team. Respect your fellow players, There are always better players than you.

What do you think of Full Combo's Apex Tournaments?

Full Combo's tournaments have been some of the best I have been involved in since I started doing comps. I started doing their tournaments middle of last year and didn't miss one since then. Out of all the tournaments I have done theirs have had the best skill matching and overall experience.